Who We Are

Started in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA in 1981 with the first automated steel detailing product in the industry, SDS/2 has grown to become a global leader in the market.

Because we're a Nemetschek company, SDS/2 can be integrated seamlessly into your existing workflow, enabling you to collaborate with the software products you've already come to rely on.

And with dedicated sales and support personnel located in our London office, SDS/2 has the local staffing resources to ensure your questions are always answered and your needs always met.

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Our staff is always available to answer any questions you may have, whether you're an existing customer with a technical question, or you're interested in learning more about SDS/2.

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What We Do

In a nutshell? SDS/2 is the only steel detailing software to include automatic connection design, and we do it better than anyone else in the industry.

Only SDS/2 detailing software has the intelligence to automatically design code-based connections that adhere to UK standards.

Evaluated and assessed by SCI in accordance with Eurocode 3, SDS/2 takes a uniquely intelligent approach to its connection design, considering both framing conditions and erectability as part of its automatic clash detection.

SDS/2's intelligent automation also enables detailers and fabricators to perform automatic connection optimization, which results in real-world savings: overall lower material and labor costs.

We also can value engineer the connections on a project, helping you to design the most economical connections to fabricate and erect.

But beyond the nuts and bolts, SDS/2 is a cradle-to-grave BIM software solution that provides detailing, engineering information, fabrication data and much more, reducing the time required to design, detail, fabricate and erect steel.

So take a look at some of the videos to the right and see how SDS/2 can increase your productivity, performance and profitability. Then give us a call at 0208 249 9004 or contact us using the form above.

What Our Customers Do

With customers in 17 countries working in companies ranging from two-person detailing shops to multi-national engineering firms, SDS/2 has been saving people time and making companies money for decades.

But why take our word for it, when you can hear from our customers and see from their successes the difference of SDS/2?

Check out the videos to the right to find out how SDS/2 is the cornerstone of our customers' projects.