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As the leading supplier of advanced computer software, support and training for the engineering, detailing and fabrication markets in the structural steel industry, SDS/2 is always searching for great talent. When the company finds a talented, free-thinking person that fits the SDS/2 profile, the goal is to help that person make SDS/2 his or her career.

SDS/2 respects the accomplishments of its employees. Ideas are always encouraged. Input is always welcomed. It is an environment in which every person is given the freedom to become the best he or she can be.

Customer Support Technician Specialist

SDS/2 is a leading supplier of structural steel software in the engineering, detailing and fabrication markets. Our team members work independently, yet within a group, in a challenging, globally competitive and fast-paced environment. We strive to be at the forefront with benefits and work environment, and pride ourselves on our diversity, job satisfaction and career enrichment opportunities. We are currently looking for a Customer Support Technician Specialist to join our team!

In our team, the Customer Support Technician Specialist supports the sales, training, and application of SDS/2’s Steel Software System for all of our customers. This will include the add-on components and new products that work independently or in conjunction with other software that we support.

As a Customer Support Technician you will:

  • Apply your knowledge of CAD, Architectural Drafting, and the application of SDS/2 Steel Detailing Software known as SDS/2 to investigate and resolve computer software and/or structural steel related industry problems and if possible the hardware or operating system problems of users as they interact with SDS/2’s products.
  • Assist users in following applicable operating procedures, identifying the source of error(s) while providing diagnostic analysis to the user’s software application. You will work with and coach customers by guiding, teaching and answering questions pertaining to the customer’s knowledge of computer software, hardware, and diagnostic procedures.
  • Determine whether a problem or error was caused by the user’s procedure, software or hardware; such as a modem, internal network, processor, printer, cables or connectivity.
  • Communicate and work with co-workers to find solutions.
  • Log and document all calls, software errors (bugs), obtain documentation and/or drawings to illustrate software problems from users.
  • Prepare communication and documentation for software development programmers, quality assurance, sales and trainers to assist in the resolution of user complaints while maintaining an electronic record of all customer contacts or communications; via fax, voice mail, electronic mail or any other means.
  • Receive telephone, digital inquiries or messages from users who are having problems installing and /or using SDS/2 Software or any of SDS/2’s products or any of its companion products as a PRIORITY over other assigned duties unless specifically instructed to do otherwise by your manager or executive management.
  • Attend trade, exhibition, and career fairs in an effort to promote all aspects of SDS/’2 products and employment opportunities.
  • Assist in the development of tutorial or new product materials, visual displays, and training curriculum.
  • Maintain customer contact records and develop a working knowledge of SDS/2’s business practices and company goals.
  • Become knowledgeable and competent to be utilized as a basic trainer in-house or off-site in order to meet the customer’s or SDS/2’s needs with the application of SDS/2 software and its associated products. May, if approved, specialize in a specific aspect of the software application to become an expert and you may be asked or assigned a research a development or quality assurance project.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of SDS/2’s software versions and hardware upgrades as technology advances.
  • Attend training as directed to meet customer support, career development, and company goals.
  • Demonstrate a respectful attitude, be professional and empathetic in resolving and diffusing difficulties with customers.

Job Type: Full-time

Location: Lincoln, NE

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