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SDS/2 Enhancement Update

SDS/2 Enhancement Update

Since the 7.1 Enhancement Seminar tour — which encompassed enhancements and repairs to versions prior to 7.122 — the Design Data staff has added more enhancements within the 7.1 release cycle. This article contains a brief outline of some of these featured enhancements.

7.1 Recent Enhancements
You can now increase your productivity by adding and batching commands in your right-click menu using the “Shortcut Menu Configuration” found under the “Options” dropdown menu in Modeling and Drawing Editor.

Learn the difference between "Change All" and multi-edit, including which options will be changed with which command.

CNC continues to be improved, especially the increasingly popular DSTV file format. Items such as selecting the members and having all the submaterial on that member downloaded, improved hole failure operations, acceptable material types, stenciling, scribing, and downloadable WT sections. Read your release notes on upcoming enhancements in later releases after the video for even more, especially concerning Ficep special settings.

SDS/2 now allows users to disable the creation of base and archival drawings, allowing you to manually create these drawings for only the details that require them.

Beam stiffeners can be aligned with either the column or the beam in beam cantilevered conditions, either generally through a Setup option or within the column Member Edit screen.

Setup Enhancements
Setup has had a few fields and options slipped in under the wire. Grouped members continued to be enhanced and repaired, and some of these have occurred after the video. Within Setup, you can have the selected main material in the Grouped Member inherit the major shipping mark.

Clip angles that are attached to the gusset in the column, beam and vertical brace interface can be set to use the reduced edge distance for the bolts or use the tabulated edge distance found in the AISC manual.

Concerning moment loads, you can avoid the accidental incorrect load input due to the units, by setting the units displayed on the Edit screen to be either “Kip-in” or “Kip-ft” within Setup'ss Design Criteria.

KISS and FabTrol (XSR) Export has been enhanced with the addition of ABM-only export in the XSR format. A translation table has been added for the XML import of Status items from FabTrol. An ability in both KISS and FabTrol Export to map routing items attached to the member, to the main material for exportation has been added. In KISS, the ability to map a routing to the FabTrol Assembly type field has been included.

A Few Other Tidbits
The RFI creator has had the option to select items for display removed from the “Display Options” and moved onto the creation screen, material added to joists will be exported and information that populates the PDF model tree has been enhanced. In addition, check out these other enhancements:

  • The ability to detail only the Bill of Material is added.
  • Detailing a member from the opened detail with the ability to save the new detail or not.
  • Printing any drawing type using the “Print” option found in the File dropdown menu now exists.
  • Using the “Conventional Design” method for skewed and thru shear plates when the criteria is met.
  • An option has been added to remember the settings when using “Paste Special,” adding a “Standard Detail” and “Paste to Several”.
  • In Utility Function, a Network Locking Test has been added. Use this option only at the discretion of your support representative.
  • A special FabSuite export has been added. For now, you need to use the KISS setup for the export settings.
  • Cope depths will now be reduced to permit the encroachment into the “K,” thereby reducing some of the copes, allowing for more web for connectivity on smaller sections.
  • In version 7.132 and above, Custom Properties can now be updated using parametrics for the job and material.

As mentioned, the video will provide more information. Keep reading your release notes to stay on top of more productivity-increasing enhancements that continue to be added to the 7.1 release cycle.