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Using Electronic Approval and Status Transfer

Using Electronic Approval and Status Transfer

As a follow up to the Electronic Approvals webinar (click here to view the webinar) and in response to some questions afterward, we would like to go deeper into this topic. In particular, one question we fielded addressed transferring statuses between models — specifically, that a detailer can't put a project on hold while the engineer is approving members in the model. We would like to make all our users aware of how they can take advantage of the status functionality to its fullest.

Let's use an example: a detailer / fabricator will send the model to an engineer to begin checking and setting approval statuses for sequence one. The detailer / fabricator will most likely have added more to the model and made changes in other sequences in the time that passes while an engineer is working on sequence one. In this scenario, the detailer / fabricator only cares about receiving the status information — not the whole model, which is likely outdated. There is a solution available using a simple parametric to transfer information from engineer to detailer.

This can be easily addressed with the Model to Model Status Transfer parametric in version 7.135 and higher. To run the parametric, choose whether you are trying to read a status update file or create a status update file. If you are writing the status update .xml file, you will need to name it and browse to a location to save it. For reading the file, browse to the location where the .xml file is saved. Then make sure to have the check boxes in the dialog box turned on for the status items you want to send or read in the status update. To see a video of this parametric, click here.

This streamlines the process far better than before. Now the engineer's model is an archival snapshot of the model at that particular point in time. The useful status information is sent via an .xml file to the detailer, to seamlessly update the project.

The parametric is straightforward and simple, and is compatible for use on current projects in SDS/2 v 7.1. If you would like to download and try out the parametric, you will find it on the SDS/2 support site in the parametric download area. By the time 7.2 is released, this parametric should be updated to include custom properties as well. Contact your support rep with any questions at 402-441-4000.