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Design Data Introduces Customization Services to Help Increase Customer Productivity

Design Data Introduces Customization Services to Help Increase Customer Productivity

As SDS/2 continues to evolve as a software and become even more powerful, it also can become more complex for users to take full advantage of. Features such as parametrics, Report Writer or Advanced Selection can be difficult for all but the most advanced power users to completely customize to their individual needs.

In response to the ongoing development of the software and growing demand from users, Design Data is now offering customization services for its SDS/2 software to help increase customer productivity.

Parametrics, Custom Reports Among Services Offered
In software, often the most powerful tools have the steepest learning curves. Parametrics and Report Writer are no exception. While some SDS/2 users currently write their own parametrics or custom reports, many lack the time or extensive knowledge of the software to be able to create these on their own.

These users will find that a Design Data staff member — who is already well versed on the software — can write their parametrics or reports much less expensively than they can.

On projects with a lot of repetition that require extensive hand modeling, for example, having a custom parametric could save countless man hours. On projects that also have a tight schedule, utilizing a parametric created specifically for the project makes a lot of fiscal sense as well.

For such customization services, Design Data can provide trained staff to perform additional services on an hourly or lump sum basis.

To learn more about SDS/2 customization, please contact your designated sales representative at 402.441.4000 or email