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Quick Support Tip: Understanding SDS/2 v7.2 Workpoint Functionality

Quick Support Tip: Understanding SDS/2 v7.2 Workpoint Functionality

With the release of v7.2, Design Data has modified the way workpoints are handled in SDS/2.

For the first time, users now have the ability to place multiple workpoints on a single detail. When adding an additional workpoint to a drawing, users have the option to control the rotation, symbol distance and layer. A rotation of 0 will place the workpoint horizontal.

If you hover your mouse over the workpoint symbol, the entire symbol highlights. You can also double click the workpoint symbol to get a workpoint dialog box, which allows the user to modify the workpoint.

Another modification is how workpoints are moved. Users no longer have to utilize the workpoint command to move a workpoint. Starting in v7.2, simply select the workpoint, right-click, select Move/Stretch, and select a new location. After selecting the second point, all the running dimensions associated with that workpoint will automatically adjust accordingly.

To see a video of the move function in action, click here.

If you have any questions about workpoint functionality in SDS/2 v7.2, contact your support representative.