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Interoperability Network Partners on Display at NASCC

Interoperability Network Partners on Display at NASCC

Substantial development progress has been made with Design Data's Interoperability Network (IN) partners since last year's NASCC conference, and the companies will be getting together again in Orlando to plan future development.

The most popular new features added since last year's show include: the ability to mark a piece "CNC Downloaded," and hide it from the selection list for re-downloading; the ability to download to more than one CNC configuration at a time; the ability to download both plates and built-up members for welded section sizes; the ability to import a SidePlate connection; and the ability to import member or material status from MRP and bar-coding software.

Nearly 40 Design Data partners and customers will have booths at NASCC this year, including Peddinghaus, AceCad, Controlled Automation, FabSuite, FabTrol and Burlington Automation.

If you're attending this year's NASCC conference in Orlando May 12-15, stop by and visit with our IN partners to see for yourself the enhanced interoperability with SDS/2.