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Quick Support Tip: File Backup Q&A

Quick Support Tip: File Backup Q&A

Why should I bother backing up my files?
More often than it should occur, we have customers who face the loss of data. Sometimes the job is corrupted by a virus or human error, and sometimes the hard drive fails. You should establish a back up routine so that recovery is less expensive.

How often should I back up my files?
You should back up any jobs or fabs you are working with daily, if possible. You should also back up the entire SDS/2 directory at least once a month. It's also a good practice to create an archive of finished jobs and fabs.

What's the best way to back up my files?
Use an old computer for backups. Place it on the network, load it with a large second hard drive, and back up your SDS/2 data (and anything else that you can't do business without) to it frequently. Burn copies of this data to a CD or DVD, or back it up to a tape or external USB drive. If you back up to a tape or rewritable CD, know which tape or CD is being used. Don't overwrite recent data. Establish a rotation of media to ensure that you have data spanning several weeks.

If you back up to another machine or hard drive, create a naming system so it's readily apparent which copy of the job is live and which version of the job it is. For example, the St. Osborne High School job becomes OSB_HS_060210_J. The date (060210) included tells you when the backup was made.

Make certain that your backup software or method backs up zero byte files. SDS/2 uses a large number of zero byte files, and some backup software does not back these up.

Also, ensure your backup software or method takes into account that people must be out of the job and fab in order for you to get all the data.

What should I do with my backup files?
Put backup files on a CD, DVD, tape or USB drive frequently, and take them off site. This will ensure the safety of the files due to unforeseen circumstances, such as a fire. If you do keep the files on site, keep them in a safe place, such as a fire safe.

Finally, test your backup files by restoring a job and fab from your backup system.

If you have any additional questions about backing up files, contact your support representative or Michael Smith.