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Quick Support Tip: Running Parametrics

Quick Support Tip: Running Parametrics

SDS/2 comes preloaded with a number of parametrics, found in the macro folder within your SDS/2 data directory. Put simply, parametrics are recordings of the addition of material, material fit operations or members. Material parametrics can also be considered "smart assemblies."

Setting a Default Location for Parametrics
By default, when you run a parametric, SDS/2 will open the job's macro folder. You then need to browse to find your data directory's macro folder, and then open the examples folder to see all the preloaded parametrics.

You may find it useful to define the default location for loading parametrics.

Within User Options, go to the Output tab. From there, click Edit and create a new configuration. After naming the new configuration, set the Directory to have a file path pointing to your data directory's macro folder in the Output Configuration Setup dialog box. Once that is done, set that new configuration for Parametrics in the Output tab.

Changing the default location will instruct the system to go directly to that location when you run a parametric (to run a parametric, select Parametric -> Run... from the Model pulldown). You may see that there are multiple versions of a parametric; make sure you run the highest version of that parametric, as there will be more enhancements in it versus older versions.

Highlighted Parametric
The reduced beam flange parametric — — can be run on beams to reduce the flange for a "dog bone" connection.

To see a video of this parametric in action, click here.

Submit Your Parametric to Code Clash 2010
Be sure to submit your own parametric to Design Data's new parametric competition: Code Clash 2010. Entries are due September 17, 2010.