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Quick Support Tip: Mastering Change All

Quick Support Tip: Mastering Change All

A frequent topic users bring up is that when changing loads on a member, the Change All option does not apply the updated loads to all other like members. This is intended to work this way.

In versions previous to SDS/2 v7.114, the Change All feature would change the loads and all other options to match the member that was edited. The exception at the time was end elevations would only be changed by the same relative amount that the member being edited was changed.

How It Used to Work
In a model there are four beams with a piecemark of B_76: two have a shear load of 15 kips, and two have a shear load of 25 kips. If one of these beams with a shear load of 15 kips is edited and a physical aspect is changed, such as a cope, and Yes is selected on the Change all window so all four beams are changed, this means all four beams would now have a shear load of 15 kips. The load was not changed, but because Yes was clicked on the Change All window, SDS/2 would change everything on all like members to match the one beam that was edited.

The New Change All
Since v7.114, Change All was modified so that it does not affect certain options. When editing members, Change All should not affect Sequence, Toe direction, Beam rotation, Web rotation, Column rotation, Load settings, or Model complete date. Looking at the previously mentioned scenario with the four B_76 beams, if Yes were selected on the Change All window after changing a cope on one beam, the loads on the three other beams would not be affected.

Although Change All can be effective in certain circumstances, it is not a tool that allows users to be very precise with what is being updated on all like members. For example, when using Change All, status options such as Sent for approval, Received from approval, etc., are updated on all like members to match the one that was edited, which is not always desirable.

Using Multi-Member Edit
Since the release of SDS/2 7.1, users have had a good alternative to using Change All. Multi-member edit allows users to be more precise with what is being changed on multiple or all like members. Several features allow this to be done easily without searching the entire model to find which members are to be multi-edited.

The model tree is a good way of selecting which members are to be edited; users can select several members from the tree, then in the right-click menu, select edit. Editing this way will only update the members that were selected and only the options that were changed, even if some members' options have different values applied before editing.

The best alternative to Change All is to simply right click on a member that you wish to Change All like members, then in the right-click menu, select Edit other. This will give a pop out menu that will include an option at the bottom. Using the previous example, the option would be All 4 B_76, where 4 is the total quantity of members with the same piecemark as the member you right clicked on, and B_76 is the piecemark. This will multi-edit all members with the same piecemark without the user having to search for and select all the members individually.

If you have any questions about using Change All or Multi-member edit, please contact your support representative.