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Rapid Response Team Formed

Rapid Response Team Formed

Design Data has formed a Rapid Response Team to provide current customers a speedy turnaround on bug fixes. Members of this newly assembled team of programmers will respond faster to posts on the support forums, and other issues that Design Data is alerted to.

Led by Lead Programmer-Analyst Michael Cornelius, an 18-year veteran of Design Data, the Rapid Response Team is committed to solving important issues in SDS/2 and getting fixes into releases as quickly as possible. This team of programmers will increase their level of direct engagement, with help from the Support department and current customers, to resolve day-to-day issues. Team members will attempt to replicate problems and prioritize them quickly, matching the issue to the appropriate programmer outside the team when necessary.

"Software stability is vital to customer satisfaction. We want to respond to user input and include those responses as early as possible in the release cycle," said Damon Scaggs, Design Data's president. "This initiative will result in a higher level of customer service, reducing delays in fixing issues."

The assembly of a Rapid Response Team demonstrates Design Data's commitment to interactive exchange of information to troubleshoot and provide feedback to current customers. This revamped workflow will move many issues through the response process with more precision, and get fixes into releases faster.