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Design Data's Increased BIM Efforts Paying Off For SDS/2 Customers

Design Data's Increased BIM Efforts Paying Off For SDS/2 Customers

For years, Design Data has been actively and aggressively responding to industry BIM needs by working to create functional tools within the software. Enhancements include developing a 3D electronic application to enable engineers to approve the model; improved imports and exports, such as an IFC export that includes sequencing and status information; and creation of an interface for collaborative software, such as Navisworks and Solibri. Through software development, users have the ability to export models that can be imported into all the major collaborative products that create a federated model.

Design Data's BIM efforts extend beyond software development. The company has also established relationships with BIM coordinators to assist our customers in meeting BIM requirements. This outreach also extends to industry education -- making those in the BIM process aware that SDS/2 is a key part of the process and will satisfy deliverable requirements.

The result of this outreach effort is already being felt by SDS/2 customers. James Schwartz, Design Data's software advocate, recently assisted Virginia Tidewater Group International, Inc. (VTGI) in interfacing between SDS/2 and a collaborative model product. "Your help went a long way toward establishing a new business climate and relationship with some very important contracting and engineering firms in our markets," stated James P. Stever, president of VTGI.

To learn more about BIM and SDS/2's role in the process, read Building Information Modeling – Instructional Interfacing Information for SDS/2 Detailers, or call Design Data to find out how we can assist you on your next BIM project.