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SDS/2 Adds a Fourth Dimension with Synchro

SDS/2 Adds a Fourth Dimension with Synchro

Design Data, a leading provider of 3D detailing and Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, announced a three-year distribution agreement with Synchro Ltd, adding Synchro's unique 4D capabilities to its current family of SDS/2 software products. Synchro Ltd is a leading provider of 4D CPM-based BIM scheduling solutions for construction project delivery.

New technology available through this partnership provides unique communication between SDS/2 and Synchro. Project synchronization will revolutionize the construction coordination process for project managers. Orchestrating project logistics visually, using real models, in real time, helps project managers spot and avoid potential problems between project subcontractors. This software partnership allows manufacturers to bi-directionally communicate scheduling and task information from their SDS/2 models directly to general contractors using Synchro, updating both the Gantt charts and the model.

"The construction industry has discussed the coordination between disciplines on a project for decades," said Tom Dengenis, CEO of Synchro Ltd. "This new interface and software partnership takes coordination one step further to synchronization—empowering project managers to streamline scheduling bi-directionally, using the real construction model."

Doug Evans, Design Data's vice president of sales, said, "We are excited about this partnership, and there is great value to project managers in the fabricator's office and in the general contractor's office to be able to communicate through real construction models rather than planning models."