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SDS/2 Concrete Includes New Functionality for Tilt-Up Panels

SDS/2 Concrete Includes New Functionality for Tilt-Up Panels

With the release of SDS/2 2017.10, SDS/2 has introduced a new solution to the market: SDS/2 Concrete, which automates the detailing and fabricating of reinforcing steel (rebar) and tilt-up panels.

Specialized tools within the software allow the placement of rebar in concrete footings, walls, beams and columns, as well as automatic connection design to embeds, with full design calculations. SDS/2 Concrete provides automated placement of rebar in the 3D model, including standard rebar shapes out of the box; it also features automated creation of fabrication data from the 3D model, such as placement drawings, placement schedules and bar bending schedules.

SDS/2 Concrete is fully compatible with aSa rebar software for estimating, production and tagging, to take rebar from detailing all the way through the fabrication process. Its features also seamlessly work with any of the SDS/2 software solutions, allowing easy and smooth communication through the model for the project. To learn more about SDS/2 Concrete, visit, or contact David Zabka at 800-443-0782 Ext. 181.

To see a quick video of how SDS/2 Concrete tilt-up panels work, click here.