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Upcoming SDS/2 2018 Seminars in July and August

Upcoming SDS/2 2018 Seminars in July and August

SDS/2 is once again hosting live seminars to educate our customers on the latest innovations in the software. The seminars are taking place across the country beginning in May and running through August.

This year's remaining seminars will be held in Nashville, Tennessee (July 10); Columbia, South Carolina (July 12); Detroit, Michigan (July 24); Newark, New Jersey (July 26); and St. Louis, Missouri (August 2).

The seminars take an in-depth look at new features and functionality in SDS/2 2018. This year's highlights include:

  • Status Display
  • Imports and Exports
  • Member Add Options Bar
  • New Connections
  • Handrail
  • User Modified BOM
  • Scale Dimensioning Symbols
  • Arcs, Circles and Ellipses
  • Save As/Rename/Delete
  • Field Welds on Erection Views

Please note that seating at each of the seminars is limited, and registration for that site will be closed once there are no longer spots available. The cost for the one-day seminars is $25 per person for the first five attendees for each company (there is no charge for additional attendees beyond the first five). Each seminar will start at 9 a.m. and finish at 4 p.m.

To register for any of the seminars, click here.