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Design Data Honors 20-Year Employees

Design Data Honors 20-Year Employees

Design Data honored two of its employees for their 20 years of service this past year. Guided by their experience and expertise, SDS/2 has become a leader in the steel software industry.

Rana Gupta, Design Data's analysis and design manager, joined the staff in July 1987. He received a Master of Science in civil engineering, with specialization in structural engineering, from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in May 1987; he became a licensed professional engineer in 1991.

Rana is the chief developer of EAD/2, Design Data's engineering analysis and design module. He was instrumental in the creation of DesignLINK and ModelLINK, electronic data interchange programs that allow SDS/2 users to exchange 3D data with other programs. Rana also assisted with development of Modeling's 3D code, and is currently helping Fluor Corporation implement SDS/2 and EAD/2 into its work environment.

Barry Butler, the development manager for SDS/2, began his career at Design Data in August 1987. He received a Bachelor of Science in computer science from Iowa State University in May 1987.

Barry represents Design Data as a member of AISC's International Technical Committee, which improves and maintains the open CIMSteel Integration Standards Release 2 (CIS/2); he also developed SDS/2's CIS/2 translators. Barry was the developer of SDS/2's Revision tool, which enables automatic clouding on details and creates an automatically populated revision table. Earlier in his career, Barry was a member of the HP Developers Plotter program, interfacing SDS/2 to communicate with HP plotters running HP-GL. He was instrumental in developing interfaces between SDS/2 and engineering, analysis and MIS packages.

Thank you, Rana and Barry, for your 20 years of service in the development of SDS/2.