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Design Data Unveils SDS/2 Version 7.122

Design Data Unveils SDS/2 Version 7.122

Design Data announced today that it has issued a new general release of its SDS/2 steel detailing software. SDS/2 is the only product in the market with the built-in intelligence to automatically design connections using a 3D model with a multitude of options for beams, columns, bracing and joists.

SDS/2 v7.122 is available to all current customers in good standing.

SDS/2 users will notice some exciting new features in this release that will help streamline processes and increase functionality. The software now allows users to add curved members with connection design and add clevises and turnbuckles into the 3D model. Members can now be grouped and detailed together with the bill of material, and it is also easier to copy and paste member information, such as connections and specifications, from member to member.

The new version of the software also features additional reports, including Status Report by Proximity, which will help the user to determine which members may be affected when a member is revised. In addition, SDS/2 will now design welded connections for vertical braces and will support sloping columns.

“Customers are very happy about the features in this version of SDS/2 and the productivity increases they see,” said Damon Scaggs, Executive Vice President of Design Data.