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Design Data and Magnus Co-Exhibit at ASCE Event

Design Data and Magnus Co-Exhibit at ASCE Event

Design Data and Magnus

For the first time, Design Data and Magnus, its Canadian distributor, co-exhibited during the American Society of Civil Engineers' (ASCE) annual SEI - Structures Congress. Held in Vancouver, British Columbia, from April 24 to 26, representatives from both companies were on hand to demonstrate SDS/2 and Design Data's newest engineering software offering, EAD/2.

Rana Gupta, Design Data's longtime analyst and design manager, demonstrated EAD/2, currently in its alpha phase of development. “The engineers who viewed EAD/2 were impressed in seeing the seamless transfer of information from engineering to detailing,” said Rana.

Todd Greening, a support tech and trainer at Magnus, demonstrated features in SDS/2, such as ModelLINK, DesignLINK and the RFI feature. Other Magnus staff ― sales director Kathy Guilfoyle and support tech / trainer Jay-Eff Michaud ― as well as Andy Lee of Design Data were also in attendance. Approximately 60 vendors participated in the exhibit hall, and specific blocks of time and rooms were allotted to companies to showcase their software.

“Design Data increased its exposure for SDS/2 and EAD/2 by participating at this conference,” Andy said.  “The event was a success and we look forward to exhibiting at next year's event.”