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Customer Focus: Mastiff Pro Detailing, LLC

Customer Focus: Mastiff Pro Detailing, LLC

When Mastiff Pro Detailing of Brigham City, Utah, first opened its doors in October 2006, Mastiff founder Matt Misseldine's aim was to create a company interested in opportunity and innovation. "At the time, it was just me with a dream and a prayer,” said Misseldine. “Most people I worked with thought that was a pretty corny statement, and that the key to a promising career was to go with the flow.” Misseldine didn't subscribe to that mentality, so he contacted Design Data, connected with Michelle Eret in sales, and hasn't looked back since.

Valparaiso Nazarene ChurchMastiff Pro Detailing designed the 130-plus-ton Valparaiso Nazarene Church — including stadium seating — using Design Data's SDS/2 software.

“SDS/2 actually gave me the ability to manage large tonnage projects by myself with tracking tools built into the software,” said Misseldine. This enabled Mastiff to perform a level of work typically provided by multiple detailers. Knowing that quality is the first concern for any company, Misseldine soon sought out B.J. Barber, another detailer/checker. “As partners, we are focused on forming a company that is innovative, yet will remain accountable to each other and to every customer,” Misseldine said. "By innovation, I mean ‘That's the way we've always done it' is not an acceptable statement.” SDS/2 and its flexibility has been the cornerstone to the company's success.

Historically, fabricators have primarily used SDS/2 as a detailing tool. But after being approached a year ago to design a building – rather than just detail it – the company turned to SDS/2. Using the software, Mastiff designed a 130-plus-ton church by inputting member sizes and design loads into connections straight from the engineer. “The building bolted up in the field with no issues and gave us the insight to some difficulties ― all while the engineer was still working on the job ― instead of later through a time-consuming RFI,” said Misseldine.” “We are currently duplicating this method on a 95-ton reception center with a castle theme. These days, who can say that they have built a castle?”

Valparaiso Nazarene ChurchThough Mastiff Pro Detailing has been in business less than two years, the company is already taking on challenging projects.

Aligning its network of quality engineering firms with its expertise in detailing, Mastiff can shave weeks off a design-build project by acting as engineer, project manager, drafter, and detailer. “SDS/2 allows us to work in a ‘real' design-build environment,” said Misseldine. The company's vision is to grow to a 20-plus person detailing firm providing service to fabricators and design-build/fast-track contractors. “We are not just seeking detailers, we are looking for the right people that are self-motivated and expect excellence,” Misseldine said.

With a company culture that insists you can achieve excellence even while showing up for work in flip-flops every day, Mastiff is an SDS/2 customer creating large footprints for other companies to follow. With its innovative approach to utilizing all SDS/2 has to offer, Mastiff Pro Detailing will secure its position as a player in the steel detailing industry and will continue to develop and prosper in the years ahead.