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Design Data Salutes Longtime Staff

Design Data Salutes Longtime Staff

This month Design Data honors five longtime employees and their contributions to the company's success. These committed staff members have held key roles in the growth of the business and its SDS/2 structural steel software.

Coleen PrimeroColeen Primero

Diane ForyckiDiane Forycki

Damon ScaggsDamon Scaggs

Doug EvansDoug Evans

Michael CorneliusMichael Cornelius

Coleen Primero
Initially hired as a receptionist in February 1989, Coleen Primero has served Design Data as the office manager since 1993. “It's hard to believe that it's been almost 20 years,” said Coleen, of her length of time with the company. Independently responsible for accounts receivable and payable, as well as payroll, Coleen has an instrumental role in the company's day-to-day operations. She was formerly responsible for employee benefits and hardware ordering and inventory, functions now handled by others within Design Data due to the company's growth over the years. Coleen was recognized for her pivotal role with Design Data when the company presented her with a Distinguished Service Award in 2002.

Diane Forycki
In May 1990, Diane Forycki joined Design Data's staff as a programmer/analyst. She spent her first 12 years with the company developing the SDS/2 Estimating and Production packages, which increased that user base by 600 percent. After that product offering was discontinued, Diane joined the detailing development team as a programmer/analyst. She has worked on various areas of the software, with an emphasis in node matching, and has been a member of the Design Data marketing board since 2004. Diane received a bachelor's degree in mathematics and computer science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Damon Scaggs
Damon Scaggs started his career at Design Data as a programmer in September 1990. In the mid-1990s, after a few years working as the development system program manager, he was promoted to his current role as executive vice president. In that capacity, he is responsible for programming, development and support, as well as quality assurance. As executive vice president, Damon has overseen the transition of SDS/2 as it existed in the 5.4 version to the product it is today. Regarding his involvement in the improvement of customer relations with the SDS/2 Advisory Board, Damon said, “I am proud of the progress.”

Doug Evans
Currently vice president of sales, Doug Evans has undertaken many projects and worked in various capacities for Design Data since joining the company in November 1991. Doug has been responsible for product support, advertising and marketing, along with his sales duties. He has also been involved with development meetings and actively helped establish the Users Group as it is organized today. “It was truly an honor to have been chosen in 2004 by my peers and customers as the only Design Data employee to be a recipient of the Connectors Club Award,” he said.  As a presenter during several NASCC annual trade shows, as well as various AISC meetings throughout the country, Doug's knowledge of steel is well respected within the industry.

Michael Cornelius
Michael Cornelius joined the Design Data SDS/2 development staff in January 1993, fresh out of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a newly minted degree in computer science. "I was really green," he said of his early days with the company. At the time, there were six full-time developers — including Michael — working to release SDS/2 version 5.4. As the department grew, Michael became a development team leader. "My job is to share what I've learned, and make other developers' work easier," he said.

As we look forward to future versions of SDS/2, we acknowledge Coleen, Diane, Damon, Doug and Michael for their valuable contribution to our software products' success. Design Data salutes the accomplishments of these longtime employees and recognizes their achievements.