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An Open Letter to Our Customers Regarding FabTrol

An Open Letter to Our Customers Regarding FabTrol

Design Data would like to congratulate Dowco on its recent acquisition of Eugene, Oregon-based FabTrol. For more than a decade, Design Data and FabTrol have worked together to increase interoperability between SDS/2 and FabTrol MRP software. We're excited about the additional expertise that will come from the introduction of Dowco into the partnership; Dowco's depth and understanding of both the industry and each company will help strengthen the current relationship.

Ewen Dobbie, president of Dowco, states, “FabTrol has prided itself on being able to communicate with all the various softwares in the industry, it is critical to our future growth. We value our relationship with Design Data and feel the interface with SDS/2 is one that saves our joint customers time and money. We will continue to work with Design Data to advance this interface and our relationship well into the future.”

As proof of this commitment and future development between Design Data's SDS/2 and FabTrol's MRP software, FabTrol representatives will be one of the major partners attending Design Data's Interoperability Network (IN) on October 15 in Lincoln, Nebraska. IN is a development-driven forum designed to achieve greater interoperability between software companies. Design Data has solidified its leadership position in the industry by innovating this interoperability event among various steel partners. We are excited about FabTrol's similar commitment to its customers and the industry.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about Design Data's relationship with FabTrol, Dowco or the IN Conference, please contact your Design Data sales representative at (402) 441-4000 or via email at, or


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Damon Scaggs

Executive Vice President