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Reconnecting with CNC Partners at NASCC

Reconnecting with CNC Partners at NASCC

At the first Interoperability Network (IN), Design Data gathered a host of information about how we work with the respective software packages from the 16 companies showcased at the event.

Many of those companies interface with SDS/2 through CNC, and we left IN with a list of enhancement requests that would improve our relationships with each.

Since then, we have worked diligently to resolve communication issues between the software packages, and to take more complete advantage of the strengths of each CNC company and machine.

This year's NASCC conference in Phoenix was the perfect opportunity to do an interoperability checkup and see what progress had been made.

During the show, we demonstrated several new scribing features designed to work specifically with the new Peddinghaus Ring of Fire; those features also worked immediately with Controlled Automation machines.

Prior to the conference, Design Data hadn't yet had the opportunity to test files with Burlington Automation; however, during our visit to their booth, everything worked between the two software packages. Similarly, while representatives from Voortman did not have the means to test our DSTV files at the show, they stated they knew of no outstanding issues between our companies. 

After a few months of working out kinks in plate scribing, we verified both that our scribing worked, and that Shop Data Sytem's viewing software displayed it correctly. Additionally, we began working toward a solid interoperability relationship with Ficep machines – the pioneer of scribing on steel.

Looking ahead to the second annual IN this fall (September 30th), we're very optimistic about the stability and reliability of CNC in its cooperation with other software packages.