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Customer Profile: Johnson Machine Works, Inc.

Customer Profile: Johnson Machine Works, Inc.

Chariton, Iowa-based Johnson Machine Works, Inc.'s portfolio includes not only structural steel fabrication for commercial buildings, but heavy fabrication projects as well. Those projects typically consist of fabrication with tight tolerances, machined surfaces and machined components.

The company's work on the Saylorville Lake/Big Creek Diversion project highlights some of these specialties, and showcases the flexibility of SDS/2.

The $9.3 million project involves replacement of the slide gate structure at Big Creek Lake Diversion Dam, which has been inoperable since 1998. The dam gate is one of several flood-control structures that protect Polk City, Iowa, residents during high water events.

Although some of the machined components are not what the software was designed to do, Johnson Machine Works' Jason Unger points out that, "the capabilities available to the SDS/2 user with features such as turned solid element and material fuse have proven to be very valuable in creating axles, shafts, bushings, wheels and other turned features with chamfered edges."

To learn more about Johnson Machine Works, visit their website.

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