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Zalk Josephs Featured in AISC “Made in America” Ad

Zalk Josephs Featured in AISC “Made in America” Ad

SDS/2 customer Zalk Josephs Fabricators, located in Stoughton, Wisconsin, was recently featured in AISC’s “Made in America” ad series, which even ran in Business Week magazine. In the ad series, Dakota Brewer and Dale Brue speak about the tough, but rewarding, work they do as fabricators. The tagline states, “Dakota Brewer. Dale Brue. Made in America. Like the steel they fabricate.”

The “Made In America” feature highlights the vitality of the American structural steel industry. The white paper, “Job Creation in the Fabricated Structural Steel Industry,” outlines key facts in the industry’s success. For example: 

The American structural steel industry provides jobs for 150,000 Americans.

90% of the weight of American structural steel section comes from recycled materials.

American steel mills produced 7 million tons of structural steel in 2011.

You can find out more about Zalk Josephs Fabricators on the company’s website