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Customer Spotlight: Cartee-Berry & Associates, LLC

Customer Spotlight: Cartee-Berry & Associates, LLC

SDS/2 customer Cartee-Berry & Associates, LLC, won the Grand Prize Commercial in the 2011 Solid Steel Competition for its work on the United Therapeutics Pedestrian Bridge in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The United Therapeutics Pedestrian Bridge will connect two eight-story office buildings, which will serve as the headquarters of the biotechnology company. The bridge will connect the two sixth-floor levels and is to be constructed in the shape of a double helix. The walking bridge will be enclosed by a $1 million glass system.

The bridge elevation is constant on top; however, it has continuous slope on the bottom, which required that every diagonal on the bottom side have a different radius. Other project challenges included the varying radii of the rolled diagonals, and establishing a method to orient the wrap template correctly on the rolled pipe.

You can view the project video on YouTube.

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