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Customer Profile: Atlantic Steel Detailing Services, LLC

Customer Profile: Atlantic Steel Detailing Services, LLC

Atlantic Steel Detailing Services, LLC, was founded in 1994 and has since grown to a nine-detailer operation for structural and miscellaneous metals. Atlantic’s six SDS/2 stations, originally implemented in 1996, give the company a capacity to handle projects up to 10,000 tons. 

Atlantic has recently stepped into the marketing arena and is focusing its efforts on developing strong relationships with leading steel fabricators in America. 

"Continual growth by way of quality service is what we envision for the future of our company,” said Dave Angelini, the company’s president.

SDS/2’s available tools — such as CNC, KISS, BIM, RFI Creator, Status Display, and Report Writer — have helped Atlantic excel in customer service and allow detailers to work at a much higher and more efficient rate. 

"SDS/2 has helped put Atlantic Steel Detailing Services on the map,” said Angelini. “The accuracy in which SDS/2 models and details is second to none.”

Angelini also credits SDS/2's 3D functionality for saving Atlantic valuable detailing time. “Working in a 3D environment such as SDS/2, we’re able to view in ‘real space’ what scenarios arise, from bolt clearance issues to material interference. This saves much shop and field work from having to be revised due to misinterpreted connection details.” 

In addition, the company benefits from SDS/2’s ability to create BIM files, which Atlantic has done for the past two years.

"Some projects require weekly uploads, which we provide at no added cost. This allows for a more accurate building to erect along with other varying trades’ BIM models,” said Angelini. “Trade interferences are quickly picked up on, and changes can be made prior to detailing of any members, which, in turn, saves time for all.”

SDS/2 also plays a pivotal role in a more streamlined work process for the company.

“SDS/2 has improved our workflow considerably. From the inputting of the first member to scrubbing of the last, the details move so smoothly that our detailers are moving through models at a much faster pace. Being able to fully model a 2,000-ton project in four weeks with one detailer allows us to take on up to 5,000 tons per month.”

Project Highlight: Forestville School

Atlantic completed the Forestville School in Bristol, Conn., a demanding project that incorporated many curved members including “magic carpet” roofs and gymnasium trusses with arduous roof pitches. Atlantic detailed the structural and miscellaneous for United Steel, Inc., in East Hartford, Conn. 

“Given the complexity of the geometry, trying to line up several radius arcs so that the steel appears to be waving at various locations was quite challenging,” said Angelini. “SDS/2 completed this task with ease.

“Our company greatly benefits from utilizing Design Data’s SDS/2 software. In this age of new technology and staying on the cutting edge, no other software measures up.” 

Atlantic Steel Detailing Services, LLC, is located at 30 Main St., Salem, NH, 03079. To learn more about them, visit their website or Facebook page.