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Industry News Roundup: April 27

Industry News Roundup: April 27

This week’s industry news:

Autodesk CEO Carl Bass says cloud computing will change the way we all work. "We're moving to a world where the computing center of the world is really where you are ... I'll never [again] be in the position of saying 'I'll email you those files when I get back to the office.'" See how Autodesk has embraced the cloud in this article by Cadalyst.

The 49ers' new Santa Clara stadium will be the "smartest" — not biggest or most expensive — in the NFL. “The facility, which the 49ers will occupy for the 2014 season as they abandon the aging Candlestick Park, will have solar panels, locally grown produce and ready access to public transit.” Read the full story from the Toronto Sun

Bridges can be structural wonders — some transform, some are 900 feet high! Mental Floss gathered 10 of the coolest bridges from all over the world. 

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Design Data partners Peddinghaus and Controlled Automation uploaded videos about NASCC! Read a recap of the event, plus links to the videos, in this post