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Industry News Roundup: April 4

Industry News Roundup: April 4

This week’s news resources:

Construction on the WTC transportation hub is making big progress. The hub is estimated to serve more than 200,000 daily commuters when completed in 2015. Head over to Designboom to see the progess for yourself.

New structural sensors will enable real-time monitoring of large, complex structures. By detecting subtle changes in a structure's geometry, the sensors can calculate strain on a building's members. Learn more about how the sensors work at ASCE's website.

At 550 feet, the High Roller in Las Vegas is the world's tallest observation wheel. This week, riders got their first turns on the skyline-changing structure. Learn more about the structure at The Daily Mail.

In case you missed our latest blog post:

We're back from NASCC, and we and some of our partners have photos and video from the conference. Learn more about our time in Toronto and see the photos and video from Peddinghaus, Controlled Automation and Design Data in our blog!