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Industry News Roundup: August 23

Industry News Roundup: August 23

This week’s news resources:

CNN compiled a list of 25 great skyscrapers that are known not for their height, but for their distinct impact on the building industry. Check out the list at CNN.

BIM focuses on the idea that you build a building twice; once digitally and then physically. By using BIM, builders are able to better control the supply chain and improve productivity. Read more about the benefits of BIM at Business Day.

Construction is set to see a growth of 70 percent by 2025, with China, India, and the US accounting for more than half of that. Learn more about the future of building at ASCE.

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We explore what BIM is, why we need it, and how to employ it in your building project. BIM has many time and financial benefits, read about them all here