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Industry News Roundup: August 24

Industry News Roundup: August 24

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Is there a limit to how high we can build? "We could easily do a kilometer. We could easily do a mile. We could do at least a mile and probably quite a bit more." Read the whole story on The Atlantic Cities

LEAN is an industry buzzword, much like BIM and IPD. Not sure what it really means? Simply put, LEAN is elminating waste. Learn more in the Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad BIM? blog post

The ASCE/AISC 2013 Student Steel Bridge Competition rules are now posted! Civil engineering students will design, fabricate, and construct a steel bridge. Modern Steel Construction has the story

These 10 skyscrapers currently under construction will have an average height of 1,857 feet — more than 1/3 mile! Read about them on Business Insider.

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Check out Steel Services, Inc.'s project spotlight from the 2011 SDS/2 Solid Steel Competition!