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Industry News Roundup: August 31

Industry News Roundup: August 31

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No national buildings policy exists, so should we make one? "The expansion of tools like Building Information Modeling and processes like Integrated Project Delivery have begun to shift the building community away from a fragmented, every discipline for itself industry." Read the rest of the story on Think Progress

How can small firms implement BIM technology and workflow? "The task of adopting BIM can be very daunting for a small firm. In a difficult economy, small firms tend to concentrate more on their core competencies - what they know and how they’ve done it in the past - to get by." Architectural Evangelist has the full article

Think BIM is just for large firms? Think again! "BIM is not size-dependent; in fact it provides an opportunity for small and medium-sized firms to accomplish things they never would have dreamt of in the past." Check the BIM Blog for more about how small firms can make BIM work. 

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