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SDS/2 Training Schedule for 2016

SDS/2 Training Schedule for 2016

2015 is quickly coming to a close, but we’re hard at work planning for everything that’s coming in 2016. This year we released SDS/2 2015 with enhancements to adding and editing curved grid lines, adding and editing finite construction and grid lines, member edit redesign, connection components/user defined connections, adding, editing, and copying components, and much more.

We aren’t slowing down for 2016, and you an expect some of the same great training opportunities that we incorporated last year.

The in-person basic training course is free and will be held one week out of every month. continuing education courses will also occur in person, and will happen every other month as week-long sessions.

We will offer online basic training courses, so that anyone can attend from anywhere with an Internet connection. This basic training course covers project setup, member input, connection design, material input and more. 

The course will consist of live training and Q&A sessions with a certified SDS/2 instructor, video training, and application exercises for a hands-on experience. It will take an estimated 30 hours to complete the course, depending on skill level and learning ability.

You can learn more about SDS/2 training opportunities on our website.