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Industry News Roundup: February 10

Industry News Roundup: February 10

This week's news resources:

Building a bridge to withstand an earthquake means taking many circumstances into consideration, and this bridge in San Francisco is a great example. “We wanted to make this bridge flexible so that when the earthquake comes in, the flexibility of the system is such that it basically rides the earthquake,” said its lead designer. Read the full story from The New York Times.

Design Data's 2011 Interoperability Network is featured on p.22 of the Steel Fabricators' Review. Peddinghaus’ Istok Budic said, “If Design Data’s goal for the show was to improve communication and awareness of partners’, and also improve customers’ priorities and interests, they have succeeded on every level.” Read about the successful event here

Check out Selvaggio Steel's mention of SDS/2 on Peddi-TV! NASCC 2012 is another hot topic in the video, and it’s an event that Design Data is proud to sponsor. Around the 5:30 mark in the video, Mark Selvaggio speaks about a project they modeled in SDS/2.

SDS/2 Connect gives users the tools to design connections within the Revit environment. We’re now offering a biweekly webinar to engage users and interactively learn SDS/2 Connect. Check out this post on the Bim and Beam blog about 30@3 LIVE.

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