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Industry News Roundup: February 24

Industry News Roundup: February 24

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This week was National Engineers Week, a time for engineers to celebrate their contributions and educate others about what they do. The theme this year revolved around the thought that the world population will soon be 7 billion. The National Engineers Week Foundation hosted educational events to discuss the engineering solutions that will come with such a large world population. Read about the organization and events here.

What does the future of AEC education look like? Check out the University of Florida's BIM lab! This lab is meant to educate and expose students to BIM and Virtual Design and Construction practices. "The lab contains three large screens at the front of the room designed to make participants feel immersed in the 3D environment. The screens are versatile and instructors can fold both sides into a cube or push the middle screen back, creating a cave-like environment." Read more from the University of Florida College of Design, Construction, and Planning.

We use social media here at Design Data, but why is it so important in the construction sector? It’s all about communication, collaboration, and sustainability. By engaging and collaborating in social media, organizations can better address BIM’s challenges and benefits. Communication is essential in doing so. Read the rest of the story on The Guardian’s website.

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Check out Chief Buildings' newest project! This Design Data partner and valued SDS/2 customer will play a major role in Lincoln, Nebraska's West Haymarket development. The Lincoln Journal Star has the article.