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Industry News Roundup: January 20

Industry News Roundup: January 20

This week’s news stories:

1. This prefabricated, 30-story Chinese hotel was built in just 15 days! The building, seen in the photo here, was assembled by 200 workers in 360 hours and makes use of environmentally friendly materials such as quadruple-glazed windows. Check out the video and accompanying story from

2. Our partner Autodesk released its AutoCAD WS mobile app for Amazon Kindle Fire. The device runs a custom Android operating system. Read the article on AEC Technology Strategies.

3. We're excited to be a part of the inaugural Synchro User Conference on Jan. 25! The conference will be held at the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel in Florida. Check out details here, on Synchro’s website.

And in case you missed our latest blog post:

SDS/2 partner Peddinghaus recently exhibited at Steel Fab 2012 in the United Arab Emirates! Read more in the original post.