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Industry News Roundup: January 3

Industry News Roundup: January 3

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“Topping out” is the last step in finishing a building. Often it’s done with the last piece of structural steel or final section of roofing, so why do contractors sometimes use a Christmas tree to top off their buildings? 

Find out at Equipment World

2013 was a wild year for the construction industry. In one year we got the tallest skyscraper in the U.S., the deepest tunnel, and the largest building in the world. 

Check out 2013’s biggest and wildest construction projects over at Gizmodo.

The AEC industry has had a rough time recently with increasing competition causing big players to swoop in for smaller firms’ contracts. Despite this, the future looks optimistic, and BIM is a big part of why.

The software can take the burden off the AEC industry by making businesses more accurate, productive, and efficient. Learn how at BIMhow.