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Industry News Roundup: July 12

Industry News Roundup: July 12

This week’s news resources:

AISC's Design of Blast Resistant Structures guide is now available. “The Design Guide explores an approach that will help a structural engineer to effectively interact with a security or blast consultant. Background information and some basic principles are reviewed, as well as the presentation of design examples." Read more about the guide at Modern Steel Construction.

The UK government plans to be fully BIM-enabled by 2016. "It’s an ambitious programme, but the government is trying to be open and agnostic. It’s not just about cool technology...a BIM-enabled job has less risk.” Learn more about the plan at The Register

In case you missed our latest blog post:

RTCNA, the North American Revit Technology Conference, is in Vancouver, Canada through Saturday. Follow along with the event using the hashtag #RTCNA and check out SDS/2’s Twitter page for updates from the conference. We hope to see many of you there!