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Industry News Roundup: July 25

Industry News Roundup: July 25

This week’s news resources:

Researchers are examining which bridge designs and materials are the most eco-friendly. See what they discovered at Civil + Structural Engineer Magazine

Abstracts are now being accepted for the 2015 SSRC Annual Stability Conference held in conjunction with NASCC: The Steel Conference March 24-27. Get more information and sign up at Modern Steel.

Steel and recycling could come together to make this skyscraper that grows as its residents recycle. See how it might come together at Huffington Post.

Watch Virginia's Gilmerton Bridge's replacement using accelerated bridge construction methods in this video over at Modern Steel

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AISC's BIMsteel Workshops are a great way to learn to take advantage of new opportunities for automation and efficiency in the structural steel industry. Learn more in our blog post