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Industry News Roundup: July 27

Industry News Roundup: July 27

This week’s news resources:

Engineering lecturer inspires future generations using Olympic Park structures. "There is no engineering A-level, so it’s hard for young people to know it as a subject," he says. Read the press release here.

BIM handles "a tsunami of information" with collaboration, and AEC professionals are the information managers. Read the full report on AUGI’s website.

More than 45,000 construction workers and AEC companies developed the London 2012 Summer Olympics venues. Learn more interesting facts about the structures in’s Construction section.

Is a sustainable Olympics really possible? Some structures are temporary and used recycled parts, and the 2012 stadium used 1/3 less steel than Beijing's. The International Herald Tribune has the story.

Kansas State civil engineering researchers developed a ratings system to detect and measure bridge damage. Read the story on Science Daily.

In case you missed our latest blog post:

Design Data development partner FabTrol expands staff and moves to a new corporate office. Read the blog post here.