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New technologies impacting construction industry

New technologies impacting construction industry

New technology, such as drones, 360 cameras, and QR codes, could one day have a presence on your construction sites. 

An article in Building Design+Construction magazine says that there are many gadgets ready for adoption on commercial construction projects.  

For example, one construction firm has found the use of 360 cameras reduced the need for site visits. Pictures from the job site are stitched together and linked to a custom digital floor plan, which allows anyone on the team to “take a virtual, high-definition tour of the facility,” the article says. 

Suffolk Construction is using Autodesk’s BIM 360 Field app and QR codes on a job site. The article says that the team placed QR codes on door frames of every space in the complex. Team members can see a “detailed, real-time list of work to be completed and questions to be addressed” by scanning the code, the article says. 

With Building Information Modeling (BIM) becoming ever more present in the industry, SDS/2 software provides solutions to meet BIM demands. Models for Revit® Structure, Navisworks®, ArchiCAD, Solibri, and several other products can all be generated and accepted through SDS/2 BIM.

While new technologies could have a positive impact on the construction industry, SDS/2 software solutions are the key to meeting project timelines while increasing efficiency and saving expense for any commercial project.

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