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Industry News Roundup: March 2

Industry News Roundup: March 2

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BIM is a marketing effort, and it’s not just for a select few cutting-edge companies anymore. "A few years back it was common to see an RFP asking for “some BIM” scope as part of documenting design on projects. Today, shortly after, the same organizations are expecting much more in terms of demonstrated BIM expertise on real-time projects." Read Part I on BIM Managers.

BIM should become a vital part of your organization’s infrastructure. "Implementing BIM as a technology and process is one thing, building company credentials and portfolio that supports the promises you make when responding to RFP and presenting to clients is another. It requires incorporating BIM within the DNA and fabric of your organization." Check out “BIM: A Marketing Effort, Part II.”

Miami Science Museum will use BIM and sustainable methods to build its new, five-story home. "Using Building Information Modeling, the shape of the Miami Science Museum building was deliberately designed to work with the pattern of wind flow, ventilation, and airflow on site," Thomas said. You can read the rest of the story on BizBash.

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