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Industry News Roundup: March 23

Industry News Roundup: March 23

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What's the value of mobile CAD for your users? "But how widespread is the move to mobile CAD usage? Are users truly taking advantage of the new capabilities, or is CAD mobility simply more technology hype that doesn't reflect real patterns of usage? And, most importantly for us CAD managers, how might this development change the way we manage our CAD departments?" Cadalyst has the full story

How do you define an engineer? "What are we, then? We're the multi-talented, multi-skilled tool used to solve problems -- society's Swiss Army knife." Read more on the Design News website. 

Canada's Institute for Building Information Modeling finds benefits in technology "...the use of BIM has resulted in some form of benefit in at least four major areas: a better end product, productivity enhancement, competitive advantage and improved documentation." Go to Daily Commercial News and Construction Record for the rest of the story.

BIM and automation save time, materials, cost "BIM allows you to do things on the basis of a factory routine, not one pipe, one part at a time. Instead, it brings information out of the silos, with all players working off a single model of a building and being able to make the decisions before a single sod of soil is turned." Read more from Alberta Construction Magazine.

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Design Data development partner American Galvanizers Association (AGA) looks forward to growth in 2012. Click here to read more.