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Industry News Roundup: March 29

Industry News Roundup: March 29

This week’s news resources:

Bluebeam's Sasha Reed explains what you should consider before making the leap to the cloud. Read her tips on Construction Executive

In a UK BIM survey, 70% of respondents declared BIM the "future of project information." Read more about the outlook on BIM on Workplace Law

Australia's BIM recommendations say use is undeniably on the rise and raise questions, including "Who owns the BIM?" Read more here

Why should we invest in better STEM education? For one, 80 percent of the fastest-growing occupations in the US require some form of it. Check out Ed Tech Magazine‘s infographic for more info. 

In case you missed our latest blog post:

Design Data partner AceCad Software will feature the new production planning and scheduling module for StruM.I.S at the 2013 NASCC. Learn more here