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Design Data presenting at BIMsteel workshops

Design Data presenting at BIMsteel workshops

Design Data will present during the BIMsteel workshops held around the country this year. 

The workshops include a 30-minute introduction focusing on making the most of your model, the American Institute of Steel Construction says.  

Part 1 of the workshop is Model Sharing - From Design to Detailing. Topics in this section include efficiently packaging and preparing the model for transfer, and properly receiving and importing the model for best results. 

The second part of the workshop is Model Review and Approval. This section covers packaging the model to be used as a submittal for the review process, and receiving and working within a model for review and approval purposes. 

This part of the workshop will also include a Q&A and panel discussion.

The next workshop is May 21 in Greenville, South Carolina. 

The remaining events are: 

San Francisco on June 8

Philadelphia on June 25

Minneapolis/St. Paul on July 16

Cleveland on July 23

Charlotte on Aug. 13

Nashville on Aug. 27

Houston on Sept. 1 

And Orlando on a date to be announced

The workshops are free, but seating is limited so registration is important. Read more about the workshops in the April issue of The Connector.  

The American Institute of Steel Construction’s website has information about the workshops and links to register for the workshops.