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Industry News Roundup: November 1

Industry News Roundup: November 1

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AISC member JGM Welding & Fabricating Services is expanding its Pennsylvania operations. The expansion will create at least 44 new jobs and require the lease of a new 75,000-sq.-ft facility. Learn more at Modern Steel

The fourth quarter 2013 issue of Engineering Journal is now available. The publication is the premier technical journal for structural steel construction in the U.S. View the journal in its entirety at AISC’s website

Cast Connex introduces a new architectural taper based on the architectural demand for lighter-looking AESS framing. Get the full scoop over at Modern Steel

In case you missed our latest blog post:

New Tech Tip: Utilizing Reports from the Main Menu

SDS/2 version 7.3 makes it easy to run reports right from the main menu. This menu is also customizable, so you can choose to only show reports that your company regularly uses. Check out the tip in the blog.