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Industry News Roundup: November 30

Industry News Roundup: November 30

This week’s important resources:

New tallest building to be built in China in just 90 days! "in addition to the 90-day construction time ... the company claims it will cost $1,500 per square meter as opposed to the Burj's $15,000 per square meter, all thanks to the prefab technology." Read more on Gizmodo.

LEED: Are companies losing interest, or has the system been transformed? "One factor, which was not specifically asked in the survey and is based primarily on anecdotal evidence, is that many AEC firms are building sustainably without asking the client’s permission." Building Design + Construction has the story

Steel recycling rates are at an all-time high! "More than 85 million tons of steel scrap was consumed by steelmaking furnaces in 2011 — an increase of nearly 10 million net tons from the previous year." Read the article on Modern Steel Construction.

Design Data partner IMAGINiT Technologies releases three new Utilities for Revit "Every IMAGINiT Utility for Revit has been specifically designed to save users time by automating repetitive manual tasks as well as minimizing the errors associated with data entry." Read the press release on Financial Post

In case you missed our latest blog post:

Design Data partner Nucor names new CEO, effective January 1, 2013. Read about it here.