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Design Data Announces Release of SDS/2 Connect 2015

Design Data Announces Release of SDS/2 Connect 2015

Design Data, a leading provider of 3D detailing and Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, announced the availability of SDS/2 Connect 2015, an add-in for Autodesk® Revit® Structure 2015 software that automatically designs connections within the Revit environment. The combination of Revit Structure with SDS/2 Connect helps make it possible for structural engineers and fabricators to design, conduct code check analysis, and extend steelwork designs to fabrication within a BIM workflow.

"Connecting with Revit through SDS/2 Connect 2015 gives engineers more control over sending their BIM model downstream," said Doug Evans, Design Data's vice president of sales.  "In this highly competitive market, it is imperative to collaborate with the Revit model. SDS/2 Connect is one of the most efficient ways to convey design model information from engineer to detailer."

By bridging the gap between design and fabrication, SDS/2 Connect helps deliver constructible "as built" connections within Revit Structure, while shortening design time and reducing project timelines and costs. Revit Structure users who have installed SDS/2 Connect can automatically design steelwork connections and print out all corresponding design calculations at the push of a button. These connections are designed based off an extensive setup that has been developed in the SDS/2 Detailing product over the past 30 years.  

"As BIM continues to alter workflows in the construction process, we will continue to produce products like SDS/2 Connect 2015 to support these new partnerships," said Evans.


SDS/2 Connect is available for purchase at The investment to add the SDS/2 Connect add-in to Revit Structure is $1,500 per license. Users can also download a free 30-day trial from the site.