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Design Data Launches OpenMind Voting Software

Design Data Launches OpenMind Voting Software

To help steer  future SDS/2 software development and ensure Design Data is instituting enhancements that better meet the needs of a majority of users, the company has implemented OpenMind voting software.

OpenMind allows current customers to vote for enhancements they would like to see in SDS/2. The initial list of enhancements (or Ideas, in OpenMind terminology) was pre-populated from previous customer requests; however, current customers can add to the list with their own Ideas.

Creating an Idea
When creating an Idea, the customer must select one of five SDS/2 product categories: SDS/2, SDS/2 Connect, SDS/2 Engineering, SDS/2 Mobile Status, or SDS/2 Viewer. To ensure your Idea garners support from other SDS/2 users, be as specific as possible when describing your Idea. Images are encouraged, but are not required.

The Ideas list can be searched or filtered based off keywords or tags added when the Idea was created.

Casting a Vote
Customers can vote for an Idea simply by clicking the Vote for this Idea icon; users can cast multiple votes for an Idea.

If Design Data is working on or plans to implement an Idea, that Idea will be tagged to a release. Once an Idea is tagged, it can no longer be voted on, and any votes cast for it are reallocated. Customers can also remove a vote from an Idea at any time. A box on the right of the OpenMind screen displays how many votes a company has remaining.

Who Can Vote and Add Ideas
Voting and submitting Ideas are restricted to current customers only. Each customer is allocated votes for each SDS/2 license they own — up to 20 licenses — with a maximum number of 80 votes per company. The number of allocated votes is based off this criteria:

1 SDS/2 Detailing license: 4 votes
1 SDS/2 Modeling  license: 2 votes
1 SDS/2 Drafting license: 2 votes
1 SDS/2 Engineering license: 2 votes
1 SDS/2 Approval license: 1 vote
1 SDS/2 Erector license: 1 vote
1 SDS/2 BIM license: 1 vote
1 SDS/2 Fabricating license: 1 vote
1 SDS/2 Global Review license: 1 vote

Customers are responsible for determining which employees within their company are given voting permissions.

Getting Started
To request access to OpenMind, click here. Please note you must be a current customer with a support login to access the OpenMind request form. An email will then be sent from with the subject line “OpenMind: Please activate your new account.” This email will provide a link to activate your account and give you the opportunity to change your password. After the activation is complete, you will be redirected to the Ideas list in OpenMind. To directly go to the OpenMind voting after your activation is complete, go to