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AceCad’s BIMReview hits version 7.1

AceCad’s BIMReview hits version 7.1

Design Data partner AceCad recently released version 7.1 of its software BIMReview. BIMReview is a collaborative BIM project review tool for use across the construction industry. The software helps consolidate BIM models from multiple sources at many different points in the construction and design process.

Because BIMReview is able to import IFC and CIS-2 formatted models, it integrates easily with SDS/2. In version 7.1, this integration with SDS/2 is getting even better. 

New for this version is that Grouped Member data is now imported into BIMReview as part of an xml export SDS/2. Users will now be able to get a hierarchical view of the grouped member and all the parts that are included in it.

Gathered sheet drawings will also be exported in the xml model data from SDS/2 in BIMReview 7.1. Now when a user chooses to view drawings of components, any available gathered sheet drawing will be shown.

Learn more about BIMReview and all its new features and improvements at AceCad’s website.