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What is BIM software?

What is BIM software?

Design Data partner AceCad Software has a great blog post up explaining what BIM is, why we need it, and how to employ it in your building project. We know that BIM gives us a three-dimensional look at a building before it’s constructed, but it goes deeper than that. By using BIM, builders are able to construct a more precise construction timeline and have tighter control of the quantity of materials needed.

BIM encourages the collaboration of various different parties involved on a project, from architects and owners to consultants and engineers. The 3D model allows anyone to see the progress on a project and modify it for others to see.

Millions of dollars and hours of time are saved by using BIM. On top of that, it saves on materials cost and keeps a central record of all building information throughout its lifetime.

Read AceCad’s full blog post here.

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